Last week, I challenged two of my follow ups to commit to share the Gospel and be active in discipling others. I presented to them Stillwaters’ vision and my personal vision as well then explained to them that in order to reach this, I need to focus on people who want the same vision and need to filter out those who don’t.

I was overwhelmed with the responses I got today.

Fork in the road..

Merrie spent much time contemplating her decision, praying, and asking advice from friends. She knew her “yes” would mean she would have to face a lot of her fears and shyness. She knew it would come with a price, but she is ready for it. She said yes.

The other one, Jem, was surprised that her boyfriend did not want to allow her to say “yes.” They had a long discussion and in that time, Jem realized they do not share the same passion of serving God. She broke up with him and said yes to becoming a spiritual leader.

I thank God for the privilege of being able to witness firsthand how He is at work in the lives of these 2 ladies, and how He is leading them to more solid convictions, and more solid faith. :)

  • melvinandflo

    Thanks to Joe Kunder for the crossroad pic. :-)

  • Sonda Lukas

    WoW! I have a desire too that my disciple want to discipling the others too.. I found that it’s really not easy to find the people who really loving God n want to pay for the price..