What if evangelism was an easy, charming story?

        A group of Stillwaters’ best evangelists sought a new method to share the Gospel. After weeks of exploration, the group was ready to present at Square One. (The development process is quite a story, to be told in another post.)

The Square One delegates diligently practiced the new method called i4. Jesus’ love was welling up inside them and the new method was a good outlet. i4 is short for “Infinite Forgiveness”, an evangelism tool that

  • is purely storytelling (no booklets)
  • is an accurate overview of the Bible
  • is less than 10 minutes
  • explains grace in a way provocative to the Filipino soul


It was beautiful to see the delegates’ love continue even after the camp. One guy shared the Gospel with his family at mealtime. “I have a story to tell you.” , he said. A few women had heart-to-heart talks with their moms. There was initial opposition. But after realizing that the story was about forgiveness and NOT religion, acceptance followed.

One student had a riverside barbeque with family in the province. While everyone else was swimming, he enjoyed a conversation with his uncle near the grill. The student shared i4, and his uncle replied “This is a wonderful story. Let’s call my wife and children, so they can receive this gift with me!” He was so excited he said, “You know, I’m a teacher. I would like to tell this story to all my students.”

hanging bridge 1

4 months after the camp, students are still sharing the Gospel. Even newer members who didn’t attend the camp are excited to share. And all this is during final examination season! Evangelism is no longer being seen as a chore, but as a natural overflow of Jesus’ love.